Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We had a terrific Easter this year! My cousin Monique came out from Arizona with 2 of her kids...we loved having them here to celebrate with us! Here are Shawn, Jenna, Nathan, and Kyle before church.

Our these guys SO MUCH!

Jenna, Shawn, and Kyle...Shawn and Kyle will both graduate this year!

Then, we went to the Meacham Ranch. The trees were in bloom and it was gorgeous out there!

The kids had an Easter Egg hunt...On your mark...get set...


We had some delicious food and lots of family and fun! I can't believe my babies are this grown up...makes me want to cry!

Happy Easter to all of YOU...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Darrell's New Office

Several months ago, Darrell got a new job...much closer to home! He was in charge of the construction project to build his new office and it's finished! It looks great and if you look out the window in the background, you can see the OCEAN!!
He is so busy at work, but enjoying his new job and the short commute! He even sold his Hybrid and got a different car!
Nathan left a drawing for him on his White Board! We're proud of you Love...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break

We started out our Spring Break on Sunday for breakfast at the beach! It was a beautiful sunny day and the breakfast was delicious...Darrell and Nathan had fun, even though the looks on their faces would prove otherwise! We ate at a new pancake restaurant called Stacks...
Then, we headed to San Clemente to check out the beach. The waves were huge and the undertow was nasty, swimming and wading were not allowed. BUT, the surfers were in full force. I don't think I have ever seen such big waves!
Nathan tried his hand at the photos...
On Monday we met Darrell for lunch. Nathan was intently listening to his Daddy...deep in conversation!
I think I need some make-up...or a tan!
After lunch, I dragged Nathan to a couple of thrift stores as I am looking for a new coffee table. He does NOT enjoy fact he said that thrift stores "smell like poop and I feel like I need to shower when I leave!" His exact words

Wednesday we hit Target, Best Buy, and a couple of other errands! Nathan had a couple of friends over to swim, but they chickened out because it was too cold!
Today, we went to visit Betty who just got out of the hospital. The boys played catch in the street!
Darrell is training for his next half-marathon...
AND...I got to spend some time sprucing up the flowers! Tomorrow we are headed to San's been a fun, relaxing week!