Sunday, August 28, 2011

Splendor Towels

Each night our room attendant would make us towel animals to greet us at bedtime. Here are photos of just a few!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carnival Splendor...

A few random photos from around the gorgeous ship. Above is Joseph from the Phillipines...he was our head waiter for dinner and he was amazing!

This is Rica...she was the assistant waiter in the fine dining restaurant. Fantastic!!

My boys waiting to use the ping pong table, over looking the ocean!

Dancing in the dining room! Fun...really fun!

We dined with another family from Fullerton...adorable family!

Grammy and Kyle getting ready for the evening!

Darrell and I with the Captain at a "Previous Cruiser" Reception.

Our really messy cabin...notice Darrell napping on the bed in the mirror!

A game of solitaire in the state room!

A look at the ship from Puerta Vallarta!

Getting onto the tender boats on our way to Cabo San Lucas!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cruising With Grammy!

We were so excited to have Mom (aka Grammy) on our cruise with us! Kyle and Nathan just adore her and love her SO MUCH!! She plays a huge part in both of their lives and is a best friend to them! The picture above is shortly after arriving on the ship.

On the tender with the Splendor in the background...

Nathan, Mom, and I at "Los Arcos"...gorgeous!

At a restaurant in Cabo San Lucas...

Keeping Nathan in order...

With the boys...getting ready to suit up for Zip-Line!!!

Looks thrilled doesn't she!?!

With the ocean in the background...

With "FISH"...our Pirate!!

Tandem Ocean Kayaking with Kyle...

Lunch with Kyle...

Elegant Night with Kyle...

and Nathan.

Thanks Mom, for going with us to Mexico. We loved having you with us! Thanks for all you do for the boys, and for us! You are truly the most compassionate giving person I know and I admire and cherish you!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Leaving on a Cruise Ship!

We had THE BEST time on our was just fantastic!!!

The boys were so excited that Grammy traveled with us!! They even got to share a cabin with her!!! HE he he he...

The Carnival Splendor was enormous!! We were among over 4,000 passengers onboard!!

We hit the buffet immediately upon boarding...why not!!?

Grammy got herself the drink of the day!!!

Leaving the Harbor...such a beautiful day!

The absolute loves of my life!

Grammy with some of her favorites...

Our first night in the dining room. We had a perfect table in the aft of the ship, overlooking the water. Several nights we saw dolphins playing in the water...magical!

Panko-crusted shimp...heaven!

Mom with her Creme yummy!!

He thinks he's so funny!! Love this boy... More pictures from our cruise to follow for the next few days!

Monday, August 22, 2011

We went Zip Lining!!!

Grammy went Zip Lining??!!

AND...I went rock climing?!

YES WE DID!!! And we made MEMORIES!!

For the past 8 days we were on a cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Puerta Vallarta! We had an awesome time...we took a family trip Zip Lining through the Sierra Madre Mountains!! It was exhausting, breath-taking, hot, humid, and the thrill of a lifetime!! The above picture is me flying over the canyons!!

Nathan did so great, he had NO FEAR...he kept up with all of the adults and went MUCH faster than me!!

Nathan repelling down a cliff with ease! I did not try this, I was too scared! Kyle loves this type of adventure and he got a great workout! It was SO hot and HUMID, that we were all soaked with sweat!

Kyle repelling down the cliff...crazy!

The guides all loved Nathan, he was such a trooper to try anything!!

Darrell zip-lining...

Nathan on the suspension bridge over rushing water!

Kyle loving every minute...

Nathan also having a blast!

Rock climbing was scarey and the rock was so hot!

Darrell posing for the camera!

Yes, this is me flying through the air scared out of my mind!

My Mom flying over the creek, she did NOT want to do this, but we talked her into it. I think she ended up having fun!!