Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Omar's Exotic Birds

Yesterday I took Eldon, Holly, and Nathan to visit Omar's Exotic Birds...they loved it. I never knew that birds had such personality!

This was a baby Conure and he was SO sweet!

The colors were gorgeous!!

My favorites were the bright yellow and green...

Holly liked holding the baby...he liked her too!

Nathan was happy just to watch and pet...no holding of birds for him!

Eldon was the bird-whisperer! He held them and talked to them...animals of all shapes and sizes are attracted to him!

Perking up his feathers for us!

Eldon with another bird...he held most of the birds in the store!

Then...to Chik-fil-A. I know, a little weird to eat birds after visiting them...perhaps the kids didn't make the connection!?

We loved having Eldon and Holly spend a couple of days with us!!

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