Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nails, Shopping, and Dinner...a Great Day!!

Today was a GREAT day...
This is Tracy, she does my nails every few weeks. She is such a sweet, shy lady and I adore her. She has been doing my nails for years, and she does a great job!

Then, I headed to the Mall ALL BY MYSELF! I had some Pretzel Bitz and walked around...I tried on some clothes, but didn't buy any! At carpet was being cleaned. Oh happy DAY!!
The bookstore in the Mall was closing, so everything was on sale! Yippee! I browsed for a long while and ended up buying a Fashion book. Why? Because I wanted to!
I left the Mall and had about 30 minutes before I needed to pick up Nathan, so I stopped at World Market. I could walk around in there for hours. I spent a lot of time in the chocolate aisle

Finally, I went to dinner with Mom and Auntie Beverly who is visiting from New York!! 2 of my favorite people...could it get ANY better??! I had Shrimp Scampi...delicious and garlicky!
My dinner dates...aren't they beautiful!! Beverly is Moms oldest sister.
To top it all off...Tiramisu and Lemon Sorbet with Berries!! Wow, what a great unexpected day. I am blessed and thankful!

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