Thursday, August 26, 2010

Larry Had Surgery...and He's Doing Great!!

Larry had a big surgery today (I'm not sure if he wants the World to know, but he had his prostate removed) and he's doing great. The boys and I went to visit, Darrell is on a business trip this week, and he was eating Jell-O, asking for real food, and telling the nurses that he wanted to go pee.
He was cracking us up...singing the Jell-O song as he ate his food!
He FINALLY got some real food and it was horrible. We think it was either meatloaf, Salisbury steak, or a hamburger patty with gravy.
We're so thankful that Larry made it through his surgery and is recovering now. We love you so much Larry aka Grampy!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Boys and Guns!

Those of you who know you well may be shocked at these photos!! Yes, I admit that I was the Mommy who would NOT let my children play with any kind of guns. I'm a Preschool Teacher, I teach peace and using words and non-violence! I didn't even want them to have water guns...but I've given in. BOTH of the boy AND Darrell love guns. All kinds of guns. Grandpa Jim introduced Nathan to his rifle and the kid now needs to go to Firearms Anonymous. He is hooked!!
Look at the concentration...
Then, Kyle came into town. He was NOT going to let his twirp little brother do something that he had not done. So...he loaded up, put on the earmuffs...and shot away.
Of course, not to be outdone by his kids...Darrell shot the GLOC. I know nothing about guns, but I know that this gun was so loud my ears rung for 3 days after this shooting spree.
He is so cute, even with a firearm in his hands!
Nathan and old Pros!!! This was one of the highlights of our Kansas trips for the boys...for me...not so much!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy 90th Birthday Granny!!!

We just returned from the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!!! My Granny Kruse turned 90 years old. She is the most beautiful, kind, non-judgemental, inspirational person that I know!! God surely blessed our entire family with her as our Grandmother and Great-Grandmother!! Nathan and I stayed for an extended time and Darrell and Kyle just flew in for the party!
ALL of her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were in attendance. I believe we were from 5 or 6 different states. The above picture is grandkids and great-grandkids. There were about 80 people there to love and celebrate her 90 years!!! We adore and cherish you, Granny!! Happy Birthday...and many more!!
*Please pray for my Granny as she fell and broke her femur the week after her party and she is having surgery today to repair the bone.