Thursday, August 26, 2010

Larry Had Surgery...and He's Doing Great!!

Larry had a big surgery today (I'm not sure if he wants the World to know, but he had his prostate removed) and he's doing great. The boys and I went to visit, Darrell is on a business trip this week, and he was eating Jell-O, asking for real food, and telling the nurses that he wanted to go pee.
He was cracking us up...singing the Jell-O song as he ate his food!
He FINALLY got some real food and it was horrible. We think it was either meatloaf, Salisbury steak, or a hamburger patty with gravy.
We're so thankful that Larry made it through his surgery and is recovering now. We love you so much Larry aka Grampy!!!

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Kristin said...

Speedy recovery for you (My other Dad)... didn't know you were having that so I'm glad to see you doing good...