Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Happy 20th Birthday KYLE!!

I'm not sure why I've been so blessed to be your Mama...but I am so very grateful!!  Thanks for giving me the title of Mother, and for making my job so joyful!  I love you beyond words...always have...always will!!
Love you,

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday #55 ~ A Dog's Life

 Watching Nathan's baseball game...
 Rough life...lounging on a handmade afghan...
Sleeping with the Daddy!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hats, Hats, Hats

 While looking through my photos, I realized that we like hats!!  Many kinds of hats!  Cowboy hats at the Aquarium in Monterrey...
 A new hat for vacation...
 A hat for sun protection on race day!
 Of course...the Saints...
 A hat at the Giants game while in San Fran
 Angry Bird...what more can I say?
And a hat for his baseball team!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Baseball Season

 Nathan is playing travel ball again this year.  He is really a natural athlete and excels on the field.  He has started pitching more and more and even has the highest strike to ball ratio on the team.

I LOVE watching him play!

Friday, September 28, 2012

iPhone 5 for Nathan

 Nathan wanted a new iPhone for his birthday and has waited patiently since July for it to come out.  We went and picked it up last night...he was a HAPPY BOY!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Orangeman Triathalon...Darrell DID IT!!

 Darrell competed in the Orangeman yesterday...I think it was his 4th Triathalon.  It was SO HOT...and SO WINDY...and he had to run across the sand!!  I am so proud of him...I was whining because I was waiting for a couple of hours and he spent almost 7 hours STRAIGHT in the ocean, on his bike, and running!!  He has been training so diligently and this was kind of a "test" for his upcoming Ironman competition in November.
 He didn't even look exhausted...CRAZY!!  I was screaming my fool head off for him.  He looked so smooth, like it was no big deal that he just ran through breakfast and lunch!!
 They passed us on the sand, then made a loop through the parking lot to get to the finish line!  Here he comes!

 My Hunka Burnin' Love...
 After the race, taking in some much-needed water!
 His medal, up-close!

 It was a gorgeous day in Dana Point
 I am his hugest fan...the love of my life!
Darrell with his training partners!!  Jean and Nancy...they kick his butt!  I told him, they are like his training wives...they nag him to do his best and get on him when he doesn't push himself.  I am so blessed that these ladies take care of Darrell on the course and on long bike rides each week!

Friday, September 21, 2012

WORK...Oh. So. SWEET!!

 This is baby Ricardo...he was born just 5 weeks ago during our Summer Vacation and this was our initial meeting!  I am SO happy this was caught on camera...I LOVE this picture...cherish these memories!

So, you all know I LOVE MY JOB...and I say that all the time.  I cannot believe I get paid to do what I do and get hugs from kiddos all day long!  I am blessed to be able to help parents and give them some of my knowledge/advise on their kiddos.  I know that God put me where I need to be, and even though my hours were cut drastically this year, I will give 110% to my families while I am there.  I hope and pray that they learn from me as much as I learn from them.  I CANNOT imagine doing anything else, of being in a different job, of NOT being with my families!  I have around 20-25 families in my classroom each day, and they all have a different story.  BUT...they all have a story...they all have challenges and happinesses...they all need me in a different capacity...and I am honored to be here for them...for ALL that they need!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

23 Water Bottles!

I tried to get Nathan's baseball bag from my car, and I could barely lift it!  I looked inside and found 23 half-drunk water and Gatorade bottles!!  SERIOUSLY...the recycle people would be having a heart attack!  I emptied them out, and we started over.  I've tried numerous refillable water bottles over the years, but they ALWAYS leak and make a huge mess in their bags or the car.

Monday, September 17, 2012

An EMT in the Family!

 Kyle is starting his job as an EMT today, and I am SO proud of him!!  He has worked really hard to get to this place and I know he will do GREAT!!  He is such a great kid with ambition and charisma...I know he will succeed in this life.  I am blessed and honored to be his Mama!!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dinner Time for the Doggies!

This is my view each night around 5:00...the dogs waiting to be fed!  Waiting patiently!
Hooray for our food!
                                              As you can see, Molly makes a BIG mess!!
                                                   Then, Chloe goes in for clean-up!!
                                 All gone!!  Molly is starting to like the new puppy!  She still gets bitchy when Chloe wants to play, but I think she is getting used to having her around!  We love having the two of them in our family.  I never realized what dogs added to a home until these two!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nathan's in 8th Grade!

 I cannot believe that Nathan started 8th grade!  This will be his last year in Middle School...next year HIGH SCHOOL!  He is such a great kid and is excited to go back to school after a great summer!

 Always have to take a foot picture, my favorite!
There he goes...

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Newport Beach Fire Explorers

 We are very proud that Kyle is a part of the Newport Beach Fire Explorer program.  He learns SO much each week and is being mentored by a group of fantastic men.  A couple of months ago they had an Open House at one of the stations and the Explorers helped to serve and help with the crowd.

 Holly came along with us...she loved seeing Kyle in his uniform.  He is SO handsome!!
 Darrell, Kyle, and Grammy.  Kyle told us all about all of the truck and engines, he knows what EVERY dial, guage, door, and tool is used for and how to assemble and disassemble each thing.  It's amazing how organized and detailed every single aspect is.  They are certainly prepared for every type of emergency and have prepared and practiced over and over!
 Kyle and his friend Bryce...they were on the High School baseball team together.  He is a great kid!
 Showing us some of the equipment.  Kyle is most interested in the emergency medical aspect of the firefighting program.
 The ladders were UuuuuP!
 Grammy and Holly in the ambulance.
 Some of the axes, saws, and other huge tools.
 The back of an ambulance.
 Me and my boy...
 Nathan and Kyle...
 We had a great time at the Open House and learned a lot about the program and what Kyle does.  Kyle has a passion for the fire fighting profession.