Sunday, September 9, 2012

Newport Beach Fire Explorers

 We are very proud that Kyle is a part of the Newport Beach Fire Explorer program.  He learns SO much each week and is being mentored by a group of fantastic men.  A couple of months ago they had an Open House at one of the stations and the Explorers helped to serve and help with the crowd.

 Holly came along with us...she loved seeing Kyle in his uniform.  He is SO handsome!!
 Darrell, Kyle, and Grammy.  Kyle told us all about all of the truck and engines, he knows what EVERY dial, guage, door, and tool is used for and how to assemble and disassemble each thing.  It's amazing how organized and detailed every single aspect is.  They are certainly prepared for every type of emergency and have prepared and practiced over and over!
 Kyle and his friend Bryce...they were on the High School baseball team together.  He is a great kid!
 Showing us some of the equipment.  Kyle is most interested in the emergency medical aspect of the firefighting program.
 The ladders were UuuuuP!
 Grammy and Holly in the ambulance.
 Some of the axes, saws, and other huge tools.
 The back of an ambulance.
 Me and my boy...
 Nathan and Kyle...
 We had a great time at the Open House and learned a lot about the program and what Kyle does.  Kyle has a passion for the fire fighting profession.

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