Sunday, September 9, 2012

CHLOE...a new family member

This is our new baby...her name is CHLOE.  It took us over a week and a few arguments to finally settle on a name for her.  She just had her first doctors appt with Dr. Krause yesterday and she is healthy and perfect!!  Her mama belongs to my Mom's neighbor and is a jet-black chihuahua...I know it's hard to believe because she does NOT look like a Chihuahua at all!!  The Dr. believes that her Daddy is Cairn Terrier or some sort of Terrier mix.  Oh...she adds a lot of life into our house.  Molly is starting to play with her and has stopped growling everytime she walks by...she is SO flipping cute!!

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Alexandra @ In Designer Jeans said...

She is super cute! Definitely has terrier in her! :)