Monday, September 24, 2012

Orangeman Triathalon...Darrell DID IT!!

 Darrell competed in the Orangeman yesterday...I think it was his 4th Triathalon.  It was SO HOT...and SO WINDY...and he had to run across the sand!!  I am so proud of him...I was whining because I was waiting for a couple of hours and he spent almost 7 hours STRAIGHT in the ocean, on his bike, and running!!  He has been training so diligently and this was kind of a "test" for his upcoming Ironman competition in November.
 He didn't even look exhausted...CRAZY!!  I was screaming my fool head off for him.  He looked so smooth, like it was no big deal that he just ran through breakfast and lunch!!
 They passed us on the sand, then made a loop through the parking lot to get to the finish line!  Here he comes!

 My Hunka Burnin' Love...
 After the race, taking in some much-needed water!
 His medal, up-close!

 It was a gorgeous day in Dana Point
 I am his hugest fan...the love of my life!
Darrell with his training partners!!  Jean and Nancy...they kick his butt!  I told him, they are like his training wives...they nag him to do his best and get on him when he doesn't push himself.  I am so blessed that these ladies take care of Darrell on the course and on long bike rides each week!

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