Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Day of Summer...

How do you know how many teenagers are upstairs in your Bonus Room? Count the shoes at the bottom of the stairs!! I so love to have my kids here with their friends. Ya, it's loud and crazy and I go through cases of soda, but there is nothing I'd rather have here than my kids and their friends. We had a busy, yet relaxing summer. Does that make sense? I took a little blog break and did not take a ton of family is happy that I did not have a camera in their faces at every second of the day. So...tomorrow is back to work for me and Wednesday starts school for the kids. Back to the routine, which I love. Even though I like summertime, I am ready for back-to-school time.
Okay, I must go make my lunch and prepare my "teacher cart" for tomorrow! Good-Bye summer, we'll miss you.

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