Friday, August 12, 2011

Kansas #6 ~ Grandma Joy's House In Russell Springs

This is Grandma Joy...isn't she beautiful!? Every Sunday all of Terri's family has dinner at her house. The town that she lives is so small, I bet there are less that 50 people who live in and around the town. It is a beautiful, serene place that I love and have very fond memories of spending summers with my Dad and Terri and visiting Grandma Joy!

Shayna is Nathan's cousin and an absolute doll! We are hoping she'll come to CA for a visit next summer. They live on a farm, and she can care for farm animals like no other! If you saw her bottom half, she's almost always wearing jeans and boots!

Terri (my step-Mom), Grandma Joy, and myself.

My 2 favorite cowboys riding their bikes!

The kids going to a walk...down to the bridge. Notice Nathan and Eldon in their shorts...the other kids in jeans and boots! City boys!! He he he

We usually have potluck and Joy's house and it is SO DELICIOUS! Always tons of food!!

I was so happy we got to spend time with Grandma Joy!

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