Monday, August 1, 2011

Kansas #4 ~ Hunting for Sharks Teeth

We were lucky enough to have a day to go Sharks tooth hunting this trip. It was 103 degree, windy, and dusty...but we had fun.

These chalk rocks are layers and layers of old sediment from a million or so years ago, when everything was under water. It is amazing to look at and think what it used to be, unspoiled by buildings and people. The boys had a blast digging and hammering!

Konor and Kutler tried to follow Eldon up the hill...

Aunt Jessie found some interesting rocks.

Fossilized fish bone.

For Eldon, higher is always better. Notice he has two hammers and a screw driver, he was serious about this!

Nathan and Eldon hunted and hunted and dug and dug...

Konor...I know, looks dangerous doesn't it?? Miraculously, no one got hurt!!

Uncle Jarod took the boys on a hike to the top of the Bluffs. They were SO HOT!!

WAY up on the top...
Kutler...such a great kid...I miss him!

Then Jarod had to come back down and get Chase! He wanted to be with the big boys!

Happy Chase with his Daddy!

This is what we found...a couple of fish bones and a seashell impression in a rock...but NO teeth! It was so fun though. The best part...NO SNAKES!!!

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Surfboard Shark said...

Hi, I was wondering exactly where in Kansas you were when you were looking for shark teeth!