Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kansas #3 ~ Showing Cows!

This is Kensley, my darling cowgirl neice who lives in Kansas...way to far away from me!! I just adore and cherish her! Her and her brothers raise and show bucket calves. It is SO much work for these kids. They get the calves as babies and bottle feed them several times a day, then transition them to feed. They must do this early morning to late evening every day of the is amazing to me that they are so dedicated to these calves. Then, they show them at the Fair and auction them off!

Kensley had a lot of competition this year. She had to teach her calf how to walk with a lead. She bathed him and trimmed his hair just so...

She had to get him to stay with his legs in perfect position, and impress the judge by answering really hard questions about cows! I had NO idea of the answers...seriously! She did so great and I was proud to be able to watch and cheer her on!!

Konor is one of her little brothers and one of my favorite Cowboys!! He is in the red shirt talking to the judge! He came into the arena with such confidence and charm, oh, how I want to kiss his dirt-stained cheeks right now!!

He also did great at the show and walked away with a ribbon! My sister and her husband put so much time and energy (and money) into this sport and after the fair, I think they are all exhausted and happy to be done...until next year!! I miss my Kansas family...sure wish they lived closer!!

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