Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kyle's Graduation Party ~ Part 3

Last weekend we had a Graduation Open House her for Kyle...all the people who love him so much were here for him! Above are friends from his Preschool and Kindergarten, that's friendship! I did a REALLY bad job of taking pictures at the party, because I was busy talking to all of our friends! I think we had about 50 people here over the course of the afternoon.

This is our ADORABLE niece Riley...she loves Molly...

Our cousins Diane and Larry...they are SO GOOD to my kids, and even though they claim they don't like kids too much, they love my kids and visa versa.

Some of our neighbors who have been like second Moms to Kyle over the past 8 years since we moved into our house. SO LUCKY to have them nearby!A few of our party guests...Kelly, Elaine, Don, Doug, Grammy, and Linda. All of these people are so cherished as part of our lives...

Kristin, my BFF since 5th grade and Ellen (whom I lovingly call Mom) always here for me!

I made some posters of Kyle's school days and graduation.

Kyle with Darrell and I and Grammy. It was a proud Mommy moment for my boys SO MUCH!!

Tanya, Kristin, and all of us!

Kristin and I with Nolan and Genevieve, her kids are SO CUTE!!

Holly helping me clean up after the party! Nathan was at his All-Star baseball game so he didn't get to attend most of the party, it fell at the SAME exact time which was a huge bummer!

We are so blessed to have such supportive friends and family to celebrate these huge achievements with us!

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