Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kansas #1 ~ Trip to Denver International Airport

Nathan, Eldon, Tanya, Holly, and I arrived at the airport and checked our bags!

A LOT of bags!!

We got the kids McDonald's and waited to load...the kids were so excited, and so was I!
Nathan and Eldon on the plane...they looked so cute!

Holly and Tanya...ready for take-off!

We finally arrived in Denver and rode the moving sidewalk...always fun!

I don't think every airport has a toronado shelter. Made me feel nervous and safe at the same time, luckily there was no need to use the shelter!

We got our suitcases and got on the shuttle bus to the rental car facility. The Denver airport is so confusing!

Holly and I on the bus!
Waiting for the car, a really long line!
Tanya drove the first leg in our snazzy red car.

3 kids in the back seat...yes, they complained...no, we didn't care!
The sky looked cloudy, and we got a few sprinkles, but overall it was a great trip to KANSAS!! We were so happy to arrive. I will post many pictures of our adventures and family in the days to come!

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