Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday Kyle

Happy 17th Birthday Day to my Baby. In keeping with the blog-theme this year, I am listing 17 facts about Kyle.

1. He started driving this year. We, along with the help of Grammy and Grampy, bought him his first car.
2. He weighed 9 pounds 15.5 ounces at birth.
3. He walked at 9 months.
4. At age 1, he had over a 50 word vocabulary. (Most kids have a couple of words by age 1)
5. He started playing baseball 11 years ago, when I was pregnant with Nathan.
6. He is ALWAYS the last one to bed at night. He is a night owl, and the rest of the family is in bed by 10:00.
8. He has NEVER been sent to the principal's office, or been in any kind of trouble. In his entire life, he's had 3 spankings and been on "time-out" about 20 times.
9. He likes to try new foods.
10. He takes guitar lessons and has taught himself so much. It is awesome to watch him play.
11. Kyle is 5 years 6 months older that Nathan.
12. He has a ton of friends. Everytime we go someplace, he sees someone he knows. At school, he fits into the athletic group, the smart group, the guitar/music group, and almost every other group.
13. He helps to coach Nathan's Little League teams.
14. He took Algebra 3 times before passing.
15. He has over 20 pair of jeans. Most of them really nice...thanks Grammy.
16. He had allergy shots for almost 5 years.
17. He still give us a kiss and hug when he leaves. He has no choice.

As you can tell, we are very proud of Kyle. It is fulfilling to see the wonderful person he is turning into. I am so honored to be his Mother.

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Grammy said...

I remember the day Kyle was born like it was yesterday. I got the call, got in my car and drove like a maniac to the hospital - I don't remember the drive at all - I'm just glad everyone stayed out of my way!! Kyle is so very special and we are so proud to call him our Grandson! May you enjoy many more birthdays and blessings Kyle. Your life is just beginning!

Love, Grammy & Grampy