Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nathan Goes to Outdoor Science School

Nathan left yesterday for Outdoor Science Camp. Most of the 5th grade class (some parents chose not to send their children) went up to the mountains for 4 days to sleep in cabins and learn about nature, ecology, and have fun!! He was so excited to go...they had snow there on Saturday, so there was still snow on the ground!
Before they board the bus, all the kids have their temperature taken. They have to be healthy and fever-free.
Here we go onto the bus. Suitcases and sleeping bags are loaded, paperwork is signed, and kids are ready!
Some of Nathan's buddies! Most of them have been in his class for many years. That's the beauty of being at a small school. They are all really good to each other and help each other out. A great group of boys!
Good bye Moms and Dads!
Boarding the bus. The lady in red is one of Nathan's teachers. The man in the tie is the Assistant Principal.
My friend Jan pretending to be weeping as her son leaves for 4 days. She was making fun of ME, because I WAS getting weepy. I admit, I want my kids around me always.
All the parents waiting for the bus to leave. Darrell went to work late so he could see Nathan off, he's such a great Daddy!
Okay, close the door and leave already. Bye Nathan.
We'll miss you! Have fun at Science School.

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