Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year 2011

Once again we spent New Year's Weekend in Lake Cuyamaca, one of my favorite places. Where? It's a very small mountain town near Julian in the mountains outside of San Diego. It is gorgeous, tranquil, and there is NO T.V...and cell phone reception is bad. Basically, it's away from everyone and great way to start the year.We were sad that Kyle wasn't with us this year. He went skiing with Chelsea's family in Mammoth. They had fun, but we missed him so much!!
Darrell spent some time on the computer...but not too much...
We cooked food and went to eat at the restaurants in Julian. This is Chicken Fajitas! They were delicious! Why does everything taste better when you cook in someone else's kitchen?
The scenery is beautiful. It is such a quiet town...They did have snow the week before. Little did we know that the snow had melted the day before and turned into ICE ON THE DRIVEWAY! Oops!
This is a picture of the driveway AFTER the towtruck pulled us back up. It didn't look like it was "slicker than snot" ice that was almost 2 inches thick. We started down and slid just a few feet...not a great start to our weekend!
A picture of the Lake. The air was so crisp and clean.
We always see a lot of wildlife there. They have tons of wild turkeys who are NOT afraid of people. We also saw many deer, but didn't get a photo...bummer!
Nathan got a cap gun at one of the tourist shops in Julian! I think he went through 200 rounds of caps. I hope they're gone now!
Many of you know that Nathan is fascinated with fire, he loved starting the wood stove and kept the fire going all night. The cabin was near 80 degrees at one point!! Sheesh...
We played Blokus, it was so fun. We got the game last Christmas, but had not played before. I think it'll become a favorite.
Sooooo serious...
So NOT serious...and guess who won? The NOT serious one!!
Always have to play a game of Jenga....we built a very tall tower...
and Darrell knocked it over! Here's praying for a great 2011 for all of us.

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