Monday, April 29, 2013

Breakfast with my "GIRLS"

 I had the pleasure of having breakfast with some of the awesome Mommy's that were in my parenting class last year.  Actually, 2 of them have been in my classes for 5 years!  They keep following me from school to school, and I keep welcoming them into my class!!  I really feel like they are a part of my family, more than my students.  Kelly, in the picture above, has been with me since BEFORE her birth!  She has a darling big sister!
 Diana was with me starting when she was just a couple of months old!  She would scream and cry.  NOW, she is 3 years old and SO smart and English and Spanish!  She didn't feel 100% today...poor baby!
 Camilla is a gorgeous baby just like her Mama.  I could kiss her and eat her up!
I adore, cherish, and respect these ladies.  They are here in this country and are doing great and learning the language, and none of them have ANY family here.  They are brave and strong!  I am so lucky to have them as a huge part of my life!!

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