Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wilma Josephine McClanahan

The picture above is a beautiful family in my Parenting class...they are awesome!  Josephine is "the MOMMY."  She is now in heaven and this little girl, Brooklyn and her brother and sister will live on this Earth without her.  It is SO unfair...but they are SO blessed to have had her for their Mommy for a short period of time.  Josephine loved, and I mean REALLY LOVED her kiddos!  She brought them to my class nearly every day in spite of having radiation treatments and Drs. appointments and feeling crappy.  The kiddos were ALWAYS her main concern.  I am honored that I can call Jo my friend and that I got to spend so much time with her.  She loved life and lived it to the max.  I will learn from her, I will try harder, I will make time for my friends and family, and I will love Brooklyn and tell her how special her Mommy was.  Thanks Josephine for the memories...thanks for sharing your family with me...thanks for teaching me SO MUCH!!  May you REST IN PEACE MY FRIEND!!

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