Monday, August 12, 2013

Luncheon With Some of my Favorite Students

 I invited 3 of my very special former Students to my house with their kiddos...I adore all of them SOOOO much and loved having them for lunch and to swim!  Above is Emily and Camilla dancing on the pool deck!
 Here's a group shot of the 3 ladies and MOST of the kids.  I made Chinese Chicken Salad for the adults and they liked it...none of them had ever tried it before!
 This is Eugenia and her 3 beautiful kids.  Lizette doesn't look too happy, but I think she was just tired from ALL of the swimming!
 This is Laura and Camilla...SO cute!
 One of the girls made Barbie a swimming pool...I just love little girls!
 Myself with Graciela.  Graciela was in my class for 5 years, even before her youngest 2 were born.  I feel like she is more like family, and she is such a terrific Mommy!
 A great photo of Eugenia and Laura...such great Mommy's!!
 Emily...I want to kiss her cheeks!
 Ashley is Graciela's oldest daughter and is going into 7th grade.  She started coming to my parenting class when she was 4 years old!
 Daniel LOVED swimming...and the watermelon!
 Camila wasn't too sure about the pool float!
 Cute, cute cute!
 A group shot!
 Carly and Emily...they loved Chloe!
A photo of all the kiddos and myself.  I am excited to see what the future holds for all of these kiddos!! We had a beautiful afternoon of food, fun, and swimming!!