Sunday, November 2, 2008

Entertainment by Molly Mo!

Many of you know that Kyle begged me for about 12 years to get a dog...and I always said NO...and I had really good reasons (excuses)...and then Nate started finally we said YES. After a sad search, we ended up with Molly (full name is Molly Mo StinkyButt, but we usually call her Poopie) and can I say she provides so much love and entertainment, I'm not sure how we got along without her! Here she is with the boys this morning in their baseball uniforms...SO CUTE. And I gave her a yogurt container to play with and she walked around with it over her nose and cried because she couldn't find a place to hide it...TOO CUTE! So, go ahead and get a dog...alot of work, but she adds so much to our family!

1 comment:

Grammy said...

I love the picture of the boys in their uniforms and Mo Mo looking over the shoulder! Could I have one of those please????