Friday, November 28, 2008

Shopping and Boobs?!?

Happy Day-After Thanksgiving!! We are in Henderson, Nevada, next to Vegas for Nathan's baseball tournament. In keeping with tradition, my Mom and I were up and shopping this morning at 5:45! I am close to being finished with my Christmas shopping...ya-hoo! Such great bargains today, I didn't pay full price for anything, and mostly everything was 50-60% off.

We are staying at Sunset Station, it is a beautiful hotel. There just happens to be a "Hooters" Restaurant in the Casino area. Kyle's friends have talked to him about "Hooters", but we've never been...until today. Hey, the food was good...really good.

Okay, now we're off to baseball games. He has back-to-back games at 5:30 and 7:30, then games tomorrow and maybe Sunday. We're gonna freeze our butts off tonight!!
Hope you and Yours had a great turkey day!


So Calif Newbs said...

Okay missy - talk about me never updating my BLOG what about "shopping and boobs"?

Hope all is good and you had a nice time in Las Vegas.

We miss you guys!

Grammy said...

Well, I bought nothing - but did a great job pushing the cart around for Dana and she piled it with "stuff". I get so over whelmed that I can't determine "who,what,when,where" so I end up with nothing!! Oh well, it was fun anyway. Is Kyle still grinning?????