Friday, January 9, 2009

"Family" Football Night

Darrell with "Uncle Curt-y!" Curtis and his family moved out here many years ago after working with Darrell at J & J. We ended up getting our families together, and we've adopted them as part of our family...I hope they don't mind. Don't they look like they could be brothers?? By the way, Darrell is sitting on a barstool, it looks like Curtis is about a foot taller than him, but it's not quite that extreme.
Tre with Nathan (above)...and Tre with Kyle (below)...watching the football game. Florida Gators vs. Oklahoma Sooners.
Aren't they SO CUTE!!! Love these boys!
Of course a little Guitar Hero at halftime. Even the Daddy's played...on the Easy setting...he he!
So serious, I guess you cannot crack a smile when you play video games...against the law or something!
Isn't this cute?? A Football Crock-Pot. We have so many football watching get-togethers at our house, it was a must have.
Chili dogs for dinner...what else could be better for a football game? So, the Gators won...bummer for our friends Jill and Brent...they're Boomer Sooners!! Maybe next time??

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