Thursday, January 15, 2009

A New Crock-Pot

Look what I got for Christmas from Mom and Larry...a brand new, stainless steal, programmable, with a "warm" setting, including a matching Little Dipper and spoon, super fancy CROCK-POT!! I use my Crock-Pot (I now own 5...of different sizes) at least once a week, usually on Wed or Thurs when I don't have to work, it makes our schedule a little less hectic. Thanks Mom and Larry for the great Christmas gift...tonight I'm making White Chicken smells so good in my house.


Grammy said...

I'll stop by tomorrow for the left-overs -- yippee!!!

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

That is the "lexus" of crockpots!!!!!!!!!!! I am jealous---would match our NC kitchen great---but I would settle for the recipe!!!

Always here and thinking of ya'll...Barbie

LindaMac said...

I have the same model and love it, I wish you many crocks of delicious food!!! Also, I found "crockpot liners" at Walmart, you put them in the pot before the ingredients (of course), cook as usual and presto ! Minimal cleanup!! What could be better?
Love your blog spot too! Hugs, LindaMac