Sunday, January 4, 2009

Traffic School Humor

Yesterday I spent my day in Traffic School. It was terribly boring and a total waste of time, but I did manage to find some humorous signs. Tell me what you think... WOW!! a $7 attorney. We should hold onto this number. What exactly do you get for 7 bucks?? Do I really wanna know? This sign was across the street from the courthouse.
This does NOT make sense to me. A HUGE and very clear sign prohibiting smoking and a small, but very hard to read sign that says no weapons. This was on the door into the courthouse. Darn, I didn't know you couldn't bring a handgun into the courtroom!! DUH...
This sign was on the door into the courtroom. So...I cannot chew gum, but I can read a newspaper while my trial was going on...perfect!!
There was one more sign that I didn't get a picture of, it said, "Consuming Alcohol While in Traffic School is Against the Law." I am totally not kidding. Would someone really drive up to traffic school with a pitcher of martinis and proceed to take the class? I guess if he didn't have a gun or tank top it would be okay...that's why they had to post a sign...DUH!!!

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Anonymous said...

looks like your traffic school experience wasn't so bad after all!