Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun With Chalk

Today Darrell, Nathan, and I went to the Chalk Festival in our city. It was amazing what these artists were creating with chalk. They had food, music, and various city organizations. We live in a great place, the weather was beautiful! This boy, Michael Chen, lived nearby and went to my Mom's school. He passed away recently, but had participated in this event for many years in the past. The entire festival was dedicated to his memory.
The colors and shading are unbelieveable. These are beautiful, brightly colored roses.
There were over 100 artist in attendance. How can so many people be so creative?
Some were cartooney (is that a word) and some were more realistic looking...all were amazing!
Look at these colors. My back would be killing me if I tried to something like this, and I bet my fingernails would not be happy.
I made Nathan sit on the other side so you can see the can tell he is really happy to be there.
Two of the loves of my life. The third on is too cool to go to Art Festivals with us.


So Calif Newbs said...

very cool - we will have to check it out next year.

Thanks for the great pictures!

Grammy said...

Michael was a Visual Arts student at OCHSA and he is missed. What a wonderful tribute to his life.