Saturday, May 23, 2009

San Clemente

Today Nathan, Darrell, and I went to San Clemente because Nathan needed new Rainbow sandals. They have their factory outlet store close to the beach, so we decided to take a field trip. This is the three of us wearing our Rainbows, before entering the store! We all love these sandals...our favorites!
Stacks and stacks, and shelves and shelves of sandals. They have a lot of funky new styles, but we always get the traditional sandals.
Check these out...fleece-lined sandals. They look so cozy, but they would get nasty, dirty and stinky really fast.
Then, we went to a Mexican food restaurant for lunch. This is my Taco Salad...yummy!
We took a walk down to the beach, and they were having a Surfer/Hawaiian festival. The Woody's were lining the street.

The Hula Dancers were performing...
To Beautiful Hawaiian music...
We drove down PCH to get home. The weather was beautiful and we had a fantastic day. What did you do today??

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Jill said...

ooohhhh...I wish I knew you were going! I need a new pair! The puppy chewed my up! How much are the rinestone ones there?