Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Mathlete in the Family!

The 4th grade team...aren't they smart-looking?
Nathan and Xander...such sweet boys...I wanna hug them!

The poster that they and artistic...impressive!
The team with their "Coach"...she is the best! Nathan was blessed to have her for his teacher this year...she won the "Teacher of the Year" award for the entire school.
The fan club.
The auditorium was filled with Math Geeks...or what they like to be called "Mathletes."
Kyle came to cheer on his brother...yes, his Mom made him come!
Nathan was honored to be on the Academic Math Team for his school this year. They have been practicing for several hours per week this entire school year. Yesterday was the competition. Our school had 3 teams of 4 kids in 3 grade levels, so he was one of only 4 4th graders to be chosen. Needless to say, we are very proud of always. Sadly, they did not win any medals, but we don't care. He practiced hard, was part of a great team, had a terrific "coach" (who is also his teacher...whom we love so much), and learned a lot about math.

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