Sunday, February 14, 2010

Museum of Natural History

Yesterday we took Nathan to the Museum of Natural History in San Diego. It was a beautiful day...
The building was huge!
We saw an awesome 3D film on the importance of a certain sardine on the tip of South Africa. They are in danger of being fished out and they sustain the economy in the area as well as the major food source for dolphins, seals, whales, and a certain type of endangered sea bird in the area. Who knew that sardines were so important??!!
Ground Sloth...
Wolly Mammoth and Attitude Tweener...which is scarier?? I know what I'd pick!
Great White Shark hanging from the ceiling.
Nathan looking at the exhibits.
This pendulum was at the entrance and swings constantly with the angle of the Earth. It was a fun day...we learned a lot.

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Grammy said...

Does Nate have Attitude? Not with me yet he doesn't --- but -- I'm sure it's coming!!