Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Formal~ Take 1

Several weeks ago, Kyle's girlfriend Kaylee called me and secretly came over to our house when Kyle was at his baseball game. She decorated his room with balloons, streamers, confetti...and made a GIANT mess!! In the middle was a sign asking him to the Winter Formal dance at her school (which is Kyle's old school), of course he said "YES!" and they (I should say she) has been planning ever since. Today is DANCE DAY!! Kaylee (who is cute as can be and has a darling personality to go with the cuteness!) is a twin and Kyle's best friend Ryan (our neighbor..and my adopted son) is dating her twin. They went together and looked beautiful!
This is what Kyles' room looked like! Weeks later, we are still cleaning up confetti!
See the sign on the middle of the bed?
A shot from the hallway...
Kaylee was hiding in the closet and he opened the door to find her.

Take 2, pictures, pictures.

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Grammy said...

I was there when Kyle arrived home and it was so fun to watch his reaction -- oh -- those high school memories!!