Friday, February 5, 2010

Winter Formal ~ Take 2

Kyle and Kaylee looked so was hard for me not to get teary!! When I looked at Kyle I feel so proud and blessed to be his Mom. I feel he has turned into such a great person.
Here are "my boys" before we left for the picture-taking extravaganza. Kyle and Ryan had very similiar tuxes on and looked so handsome. Nathan is just a goofball!!
The boys waiting patiently at the park for the girls. Nearly ALL of the boys were wearing tennis shoes.
Grammy and Kaylee's father helping to get Kyle flower pinned to his lapel.
MacKenzie (Kaylee's fraternal twin) and Ryan...gorgeous...
Kaylee getting her flower. They chose orchids which were totally exotic and beautiful. I loved them. Flowers on...

Kyle, Kaylee, MacKenzie and Ryan. The Twins and the Best Friends...ahhhhhhhh!!!

Too much light, but I love this photo.
One of the "classic Dana" feet pictures.

Another great photo of the four kids.

Kyle and some of his football buddies. The boy on the left, Nick, and Kyle actually went to pre-school together.

Kyle got home about 12 midnight. He had a blast and said he even danced! I wish I was a fly on the wall. Tomorrow...a picture of the "party bus" that they took to the dance.