Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baseball Mom

This is a picture log of my day...a typical week-end day in the life of a baseball Mom...with 2 kids playing baseball. 6:00- Molly and I wake and get the house going. Pack the car, get water bottles, chairs, blankets, and all the necessities when spending the day on the field.
7:00- Get the boys uniforms ready. Get myself dressed and ready, wake the boys and feed them and get them psyched up for their games.
8:00- Leave with Kyle to Newport Beach for his game. It's a 40 minute drive and he must be there by 8:45 for a 10:00 game. Make sure Nathan is up and eating breakfast. Darrell will take him to his game and we'll meet them there.
9:00- Dropped Kyle at the high school and run to Jack-in-the-Box to grab a snack. Have one hour until game time. Correct Nathan's teachers work she sent home for me and watch Kyle's warm-up.
10:00- Uh-oh. Rain delay and I'M FREEZING!!
10:30- Rain Rain Go Away....
10:45- Game called off due to rain...duh! Re-Schedule for Monday night.
11:00- Pack up and head to Nathan's game. Kyle is #14.
11:10- Get something warm to drink. We're. REALLY. COLD!!!
12:00- Nathan's game begins. He is team captain today on the mound leading the Little League Pledge.
12:15- My Bleacher Partners!
12:30- Nathan's pitching today and doing great. Go NATE!!!
3:00- Games over. Time to wash the uniforms and take a nap! It's a long day on the field, but there's no place I'd rather be that watching my kids play ball.

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