Saturday, September 6, 2008

Boys...then Girls

As most of you know, my boys are VERY social! Hmmm, wonder where they get that! 8-) Anyway, we always have their friends here at the house and with us, which I love! Kyle's friends actually put up with Nathan and include him in their activities and Nathan's friends think Kyle is "so cool" and he will occassionally hang out with them and play catch or xBox. So, the good news is many of their friends are girls. Since there is so much testosterone in this house it is so fun to have the girls around. The photos are of our "field trip" before school started to the Rainbow store and Reptropolis with Manda. She is here or Kyle is at her house a huge amount of time. She is darling and has a great family. Jackie also went with us to dinner at the harbor. She's a great girl too! See, so Grandpa Dino was right when he told me, " if you have the boys, the girls will be there eventually!" He was so did he know???


Grammy said...

You're right Dana -- it seems there are always more than 2 kids at your house -- cousins, friends, neighbors --- !!!!!

Jill said...

Nathan looks like the lucky one in the 4th picture!