Sunday, September 14, 2008


We are sailing away from Sitka, Alaska at the moment and we're heading for Hubbard Glacier. We have already eaten enough meals to last until October!! The ship is gorgeous and the staff is extremely attentive. Last night I dropped my napkin on the floor at dinner time and before I could reach down at pick it up the waiter handed me a clean napkin and took the dirty one off of the floor. I will miss them when I go home!! Today in Sitka is was raining and cold. We still went into town and walked around for awhile and saw St. Michaels Cathedral, took in the sights and a few shops. We were lucky that yesterday was a beautiful day during out "at sea" day. I know this is a bit choppy, but I am just typing like I am thinking because the internet access is very expensive and we have only a few minutes until the ventriloquist show!!

By the way, if you are turning 40 and you wanna feel young, I would highly reccomend this ship. Darrell and I are the "spring chickens" onboard. I feel lucky that I do not need a walker, wheelchair, motorized scooter, or oxygen tank!!!


Grammy said...

It looks a might chilly there! Things are good here - the guys and Molly keep me hopping!!

Have fun ---

LindaMac said...

It rained in Sitka when I was there too. Glad you're having a great time, can't wait to see you and hear all about the trip!!!
Hugs, LindaMac