Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter Decorating

Okay, so here are my Easter decorations...STILL IN THE ATTIC!! I have been so busy, and tired, and had so many distractions, I decided NOT to decorate this year. I know...I can't believe it either! You know how I love to decorate for every holiday, but something had to give. Nathan, My Mom, and I are going to Kansas for the week anyway, so we wouldn't be here to enjoy all the decorations and I'm not entertaining, so no one will really notice. When I pack away my holiday decorations, I usually have one "open" box or basket to put things that I buy on clearance after the holiday or thoughout the year at garage sales or thrift stores. These bunnies were actually packed away in Nathan's room, and I thought they would be cute decorations for Easter with some cute bows around their year!
I'm lucky to have a huge attic, with a pull-down ladder, to store all my holiday stuff and the kids schoolwork as I keep everything!! I also have misc furniture, decorations, camping gear...all that junk that you use, but not very often.
Have a great week. By the way, it is beautiful weather here, and Kansas is under Emergency Advisory for snow...yikes. Who knew we'd hit snow in Kansas in Spring?!

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Anonymous said...

When are you leaving? I meant to call all weekend - I'm off tomorrow so will try you and see if you are still here.