Sunday, March 8, 2009

Before and After ~ Kitchen "Office"

I know I have not posted a blog in over a week, it's been crazy at our house. Baseball EVERYDAY...I am not exaggerating! It's fun, but I don't get any of my regular stuff done. I have been organizing my kitchen "command center" this week. What I thought would be a few hour project turned into a few day project, after I decided to repaint stuff, replace baskets, and the like. You know I can't just re-organize anything without making it pretty. So, here are the pictures... The cabinet, below, was out of control! I had vitamins in there that had expired in 2004.
An upclose photo of the counter top.
An upclose shot of the cabinet...ugly!
It's much better now! Although, when I get busy, this is always the area that takes the hardest hit. By the way, Jill do you see the little porcelein cup in the back? You gave it to Kyle when he was born, and I use it for my it!!
Have a great week. I am going to try to post more this week, if I don't my family (uh, Hi Larry) gives me a hard time. I'm glad they're interested in my blog.


Grammy said...

Very nice and orderly Dana; but I would expect no less from you!!! Now --- I have 4 closets, 3 medicine cabinets, 2 junk drawers and a pantry in a pear tree that are in need of attention - do I hear any volunteers????
Dana came over on Sunday and went with me to the Plant Depot to pick out flowers and helped me plant and organize my yard! Turned out great - Thanks Dana!!!

Jill said...

Good job Dana! My kind of organizing going on...
Doesn't it just kill you that it takes so long? It does me!

Anxiously awaiting the Easter decoration photos... :-)