Saturday, February 28, 2009

Baseball Saturday

Today we watched Kyle's baseball games...2 games back to back...many, many hours. Here's Grampy. He watches every second of every game. He and Grammy are, by far, the boys' biggest fans.
Larry wanted me to take this picture. See the snow on the was so beautiful. But Chino Hills is hot, dusty, and it smells like cow poop...hey, kinda like Kansas!!!
Here's my boy up to bat. He played DH the first game and played 3rd base the second. He did great!
Nathan chatting to Grampy and Daddy. The boy NEVER SHUTS UP!!
Here's the whole team, they didn't wear their uniform shirts today, as this was only a scrimmage. Can you pick out Kyle?? He's the cute boy, right behind the kid with the helmet on. We did have a great time watching him, still can't believe he's 16 years old and in High School.

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Grammy said...

We had a fun time and Kyle played GREAT! He's a good kid and a very serious baseball player. I just had to look for the boy in the blue shirt to find him in the lineup! We are looking forward to both boys' baseball seasons -- Kyle's varsity HS team and Nathan's "pony" league! Go teams!!!!

We love you guys!
Grammy and Grampy