Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Holly Day

Eldon and Holly (our neice and nephew) came over yesterday afternoon. Holly is such a girly-girl, however she does not take any crud from any of the boys. She is the only girl in our family, so we do all the "girly" stuff when she comes over...and I love it...probably more than she does!! We made cupcakes! Funfetti with heart print papers and white icing.
The boys and Holly eating dinner. The girl has a great appetite, and is still thin as a greenbean. I guess she doesn't take after me!
She read me a book. She loves to read. Notice how she crosses her girly and cute. Look in Eldon's hand at his "homemade paintball shooter." That's another story...we won't go there.
Here is Holly after she organized Molly's toys. A girl after my own heart...she loves to read AND organize! Last time she was here she organized all of my utensil drawers...I am not kidding.
Licking the beater after we made cupcakes...the best part!
I always have crafts for them to do. These are Easter frames ready for my Easter mantle. Nate made one too, but Eldon refused...too busy.
Holly playing Teacher. Hmm...maybe we'll have another teacher in the family some day.
We made meatloaf for dinner. Holly would not touch the raw meat or the egg...


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day! Holly hasn't stopped talking about it :)
Thanks for taking such good care of them and for letting Eldon......
Love, Tanya
(using Mom's name for the blogger name.)

FOO said...

Hi Dana! Thanks so much for checking out my blog. I'm finding that I very much enjoy being as open and honest as I can be about these things - I'm learning a lot about myself in the process and love hearing that you find something inspiring in my musings.

Gosh, I am blown away by all the activity in your home - with two very active boys and then a large family and then your amazing creativity and all of its, so very inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing!