Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Walk Through California

A rare photo of Nathan dancing.
A Kansas boy at heart!! He he
Nate was the "Team Captain."

Nathan was the expert on Capital and Capitol. He had to memorize his lines and answer several questions on the subject. Would you know the capitals of California before Sacramento?? If you ever want to know...ask Nathan.

Today Nathan's forth grade class had their "Walk Through California" presentation. Basically a teacher/actor comes to the school and literally walks the children through the history of California. From the beginning when it was called "New Spain" to the present. It was fantastic, and the kids learned so much...and so did I.


Grammy said...

He looks so darn cute -- Nathan was telling me all about it last week - but I just couldn't quite follow what was going to happen. Your version makes a lot more sense!!!

Jill said...

and a mighty fine cowboy he makes!