Friday, February 20, 2009

Sick Boy = Time for Crafts

Look what I did today...They turned out SO cute...if I do say so myself!! Okay, um, these pictures posted in backwards order. So, I am going to leave with me people. These are two Easter/Spring signs that I made today. Again, I got the wood in the "cut wood" bin at Lowe's. 71 cents each. I used paint that I already had (thanks Barbie!) and bought a few pages of scrapbook paper and some wooden letters.

This is what my kitchen table looked like all day. I mod-podged the paper to the front of the letters and sanded around the edges to take the excess paper off. Time consuming...yes.
Some of the raw materials before I began.
Here's my sick boy...feeling better now. Hope he sleeps okay. He's such a trooper, basically he just laid around and watched movies all day. Love this boy so much, I always just wanna hug him and kiss him and tickle him. Even though he thinks he is too old...I'll always hug, kiss, and tickle him.

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Grammy said...

I like to hug, kiss and tickle him too -- he tolerates it - barely!!!