Sunday, March 15, 2009

PARTY in Newport Beach

Last night we went to my cousin Matt's house house in Newport Beach! I felt so young to be saying that and walking by all the parties going on on the patios. My other cousin Andy, Matt's brother, was here with his wife and kids from New York. We had a great time, even though it was cloudy and cold. A photo from the beach...brrrr!
Dinner with Andy, Nolan, Abby, Holly, and Grampy. I know it looks like the girls are drinking beers, but they were only drinking Juicy Juice. I think they sat down in the Daddy's chairs!!
The cute!
Tanya, Mom, and I with Baby Nolan. Such a sweet baby! I'm so bummed, I guess I didn't get a photo of Lynn, Andy's delightful wife. I don't think she sat still for too long!
Holly and Abby were fast friends.

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Grammy said...

We had an enjoyable evening visting with Andy and Lynn! The kids played hard all night and we sure had fun with Nolan! Thanks Matt for having us all over!!