Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Excuses

The following is a list of excuses for not blogging the past couple of weeks:

1. I have been to baseball games nearly every day in many different cities. Kyle has to take the bus to his games, which means we have to go to the school and pick him up afterward.

2. On the days that the boys didn't have games, they had practice at various fields in Orange County.

3. Doing laundry for 2 boys and one husband who work out and play baseball everyday, is a huge job!

4. I've been dealing with Kyle's academic advisor regarding a "problem" teacher.

5. I've not been feeling well, went to Dr., she changed my meds and ran a ton of new tests.

6. Molly took a long time to recover from surgery and even had to go back to the vet 2 days after the surgery. Cha ching.

7. I volunteered for Nathan's Jog-a-Thon at his school on my time off.

8. I've been working on a huge presentation for my parenting classes that I presented yesterday. It went great, glad it's over!

9. I decided not to have my cleaning lady come, trying to save money because I probably will not have a job next year.

10. I just want to make sure that someone is reading my blog.

11. Keeping Larry on his toes so that he remembers to tell me every day that I haven't updated my blog today!

Okay, I'm sure there's more, but I'm still tired. I'm home now because Nathan is sick and couldn't go to his game today.


Anonymous said...

Dana: I have seen all of the reason you have not updated your blog and I must be the only one reading this. So if it's just me, make sure you do updates more often because I check EVERYDAY!!!


Kristin said...

You are a very busy lady I don't know how you get time anyway ... I think You have been doing great..