Monday, July 27, 2009

Bye-Bye Wisdom Teeth!!

This morning Kyle has all 4 of his wisdom teeth removed...or as he says, "ripped from his face!" I know this is a terrible picture, but I had to sneak in one picture and he wasn't very happy to oblige! His friend Jacqueline is here to support him...what a nice friend.

You know, it is so hard to see your "baby" go through any type of surgery or procedure. I am hugely blessed to have healthy, thriving kids. My heart breaks for parents of very ill children who must watch their babies endure surgery after surgery, procedure after procedure, needle after needle.

By the way, I have not forgotten about the vacation pictures...I'll try to post them later today or tomorrow. I just have more important duties at the moment, like playing nursemaid. A Mother's Work is NEVER Done!!

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Anonymous said...

You are a good mommy, Dana!

I love all the pictures of your summer! Good job! :) Sharon