Thursday, July 23, 2009

Where Are We???

Here are a few hints... We're on a big BIG ship...with a waterslide.
A big BIG waterslide. Darrell and Nathan have gone down it over 50 Zero! Hey, it is filled with ocean water and it's freezing...I am very delicate.
Nathan has his Mom and Dad to himself...Kyle is at home with Grammy and Grampy. We miss him so much...I bet he doesn't miss sad!
Darrell and Nathan think they have been down the slide way more than 50 times...maybe more like 75...over 12 hours spent at the pool...hello, does it get any better than this??
Lots of ping-pong going on also...hum, do you know where we are?? Can you guess?? Tomorrow, we'll be home and I'll show you more pictures. For now, I must go catch the "Vegas-Style" show and stop blogging as I'm paying 75 cents per minute.

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