Monday, July 6, 2009

Weekend and Fireworks at the Beach

We spent many hours this weekend invading Tanya and Brets RV. They were staying right on the beach ($450 per night per space!) and we had a blast. Tanya's Mother-In-Law (aka Grandma Beth), Tanya, Mom, and Schuey the "Lap Dog!"
Darrell and Bret proving they are macho...ya whatever...
Larry enjoying the beautiful weather and views.
The kids just run amuck and have a blast. They are filthy by the end of the day.
Watching fireworks on the beach. They had a beautiful fireworks show and music to go along with it. We had a great time.
I'm even getting better at taking the fireworks photos. Thanks Tanya, Bret, Beth, Eldon, and Holly for sharing part of your vacation with us.

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Grammy said...

The 4th was a great time down at the Dunes with everyone -- thanks Meacham's for the yummy bar-b-q steak -- the fireworks were awesome -- everyone had a great time!!!