Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nathan's Birthday Festivities

Nathan started the morning at baseball camp with Coach Wooten...Kyle's High School coach. They all sang Happy Birthday to him and I brought his favorite popsicles to share with all 50 of the kids at camp.
Then, I took his friend Chace and Nathan to Kentucky Fried of Nathan's favorites!! Chace spent the afternoon at our house.
We all went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner. You all know how Nathan loves pizza, and CPK is one of his all-time favorites. Here we are with Grammy, Emily (Matthew's girlfriend), Matthew (my sweet cousin), and us.
The LOVES of my life!!
A note that Kyle wrote for Nathan...
I cannot believe that he's 11 years old.
Matthew with the boys.
Mom and cute!
We gave him a new Nintendo DSi. Here he is trying to figure it out...
Happy Birthday Punk...Hope you had a great day. Birthday party at the arcade with a bunch of little boys on Friday...who hoo!


Grammy said...

Dinner was yummy - it was a toss up for Nate - CPK or Chik Filet -- his other favorite place to eat! It was good to see Matt and Emily -

Happy Birthday you little goof :)

Love, Grammy

So Calif Newbs said...

Happy Birthday Nathan - I remember when you were tiny and in diapers!

The Newbry's

Kristin said...

I second that diaper thing I remember back in the day... You are one handsome young man... Happy Happy B-day to you...
love the Chomin's