Tuesday, September 22, 2009

46 Years = 46 Facts About Darrell

Darrell turns 46 today. Here are some interesting facts about the Love of My Life...
1. Darrell was born in Lakewood, then moved to Huntington Beach in Elementary School.
2. He went to Marina High School.
3. He was a track star in High School.
4. Darrell and I started dating when I was 18 years old...he was 23.
5. He went through the Police Academy and decided that being a police officer was not for him.
6. He has coached almost ALL of the boys soccer and baseball teams since 1998.
7. He loves to run.
8. He has one brother. His brother and sister-in-law have 2 kids.
9. His Mom is an only child and his Dad has only 2 sisters. Small family.
10. His parents now live in La Quinta.
11. He has bad allergies, and passed them onto our kids. Thanks Honey!
12. Kyle walks JUST like Darrell.
13. Kyle's feet look JUST like Darrells...poor kid!
14. He loves French Fries...especially from In-N-Out Burger.
15. In High School, he worked at a gas station.
16. He used to mountain bike often, until he fell so badly that he was knocked unconscience!
17. He watches the History Channel all the time.
18. One time I walked downstairs and he was watching "The History of Plumbing"...and he was enjoying it!
19. He recently headed up a huge project at work to open a Coffee Shop.
20. He golfs as often as he can.
21. He has been to so many concerts, I can't keep track.
22. Last night he and Nathan went to the Angels game.
23. Two nights ago, he and Kyle went to see Social Distortion.
24. He orders Fish Tacos almost everytime we go out.
25. He very very rarely goes to the Market...or does laundry.
26. He is a Virgo...barely.
27. He loves Molly, but he won't admit it.
28. He is an awesome Daddy.
29. I love him more today than the day I married him.
30. At our wedding, Father Tim introduced us as Mr. and Mrs. Dana Boyd!
31. He hates Wal-Mart and refuses to go inside.
32. He had cortisone injections into the bottoms of his feet several years ago.
33. If you saw him at work, you'd be surprised. He turns into the "number memorizer, policy knower, in-your-face" guy. I'm always shocked.
34. He has a degree from Pepperdine.
35. He likes to talk, even though he says I talk a lot.
36. He doesn't like to travel for work.
37. He has WAY too much knowledge of beer.
38. Ask him a question about the Beatles and he'll know the answer.
39. He listens to all sorts of weird music.
40. He looks fantastic when he's naked!!
41. He hardly ever sings, but he always knows all of the words.
42. Nathan says "He's Cute!"
43. He always plays catch with Nathan in the street.
44. He is in charge of all of our finances...thank God!
45. He drives a Honda Civic Hybrid, even though he wanted an Infiniti. He went the practical route.
46. He is the best husband, Daddy, and friend we could ask for.

We love you Hunka Hunka Burning Love!!


Grammy said...

I was all geared up to read the 46 facts and I got nothing!! So disappointing :(

Grammy said...

I now know everthing I ever wanted to know about Darrell but was afraid to ask!! I thought Fr. Tim instroduced you as Mr. and Mr. Darrel Groff -- but my rememberer is not what it used to be :-(

Kristin said...

I remember him introducing you as mr and mrs. Boyd... Funny..

Anonymous said...