Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Back to Work!! Hooray!!

Many of you know that my job (that I love) was reinstated during the summer!! I am back doing what I love to do...at least for one more year. Today is Mexican Independence Day. By the way, their independence day is NOT Cinco de Mayo...the Mexicans don't even celebrate that day...they say that Cinco de Mayo is a made-up day for Americans to get drunk on Mexican beer!!
Above is a picture of myself with Miriam. She is such a great Mommy, and she organized a "Viva de Mexico" party today. We had food, music, and celebrating.
They made homemade Mexican food. Sopes, Mole, beans, fajitas, rice, crab ensalade, and tons of other food. It was so delicious, and they were so sweet not to make it too hot for the "gringo!"...that would be me!!
This is a photo of one half of one table filled with food. We had two complete tables FULL of food.

Some of the awesome Mommy's in my class! I feel so honored that they have welcomed me into their lives and their culture. They tell me all the time that they are lucky to have me as their teacher...but I am the lucky (and blessed) one!!
How can you not smile when you see this beautiful baby eating a deviled egg for the first time?? Bye bye baby Carly...see you tomorrow!!


Grammy said...

Some of the food looks delicioso - and some looks "interesting". Can something call Mole really be yummy????

Dana said...

Mom...it's pronouncced moe-lay...and it's delicious. VERY rich sauce with chicken. The sauce has a hint of cocoa in it. You put it on tostada shells.